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Preventing Employees from Taking Valuable Company Information

In many cases, a company’s most valuable asset is its intellectual property, that is, items such as its customer list, its trade secrets, its marketing strategy, and so on.  With any of the above information, a competitor could gain an … Continue reading

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Protecting a Minority Ownership in a Company

Without an agreement to the contrary, generally decisions in a corporation or a limited liability company are made according to a majority vote of its owners.  Therefore, there is a risk that the majority owner(s) will control all of the … Continue reading

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Disinheritance of an offspring in Florida

There are many reasons why one may wish to disinherit a relative in a Will  In Florida, you may freely disinherit anyone except a spouse or a minor child. So long as your offspring is not a minor and you … Continue reading

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How does a marriage affect a pre-existing Last Will & Testament in Florida?

Many people have a Last Will & Testament in place before they get married.  This is especially true if it is a second marriage or the creation of a blended family.  Generally, under Florida law, if you do not amend … Continue reading

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